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Mental Health Resources

Listed below are links to provide you with additional mental health care information and therapy resources.

Alcoholics Anonymous  - This is a fellowship and community of people who struggle with alcoholism. They welcome anyone who is or has struggled with an addiction to drinking.

National Center for PTSD  - This organization offers resources for individuals who are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is not exclusive to veterans, but provides great resources for anyone who has experienced trauma.


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - This organization focuses on support for individuals who have considered or attempted suicide, have lost a loved one to suicide, or is worried about a loved one.

Mental Health for Athletes- NCAA - The NCAA Sport Science Institute provides resources specifically for athletes. They are committed to the entirety of athlete health, recognizing mental health is a vital aspect to the overall wellbeing of an athlete.

National Domestic Violence Hotline - This website provides essential tools and support to help survivors of domestic violence.  They offer options to call, chat, or text to receive support.

National Eating Disorder Association - NEDA offers support and resources to individuals and families affected by eating disorders. Their programs and services are designed to provide assistance to those in need.


Anxiety Resource Center - ARC is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping individuals who struggle with anxiety.  They offer presentations, support groups, and a lending library to support those experiencing anxiety.

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network -  RAINN offers programs to prevent sexual violence, help survivors, and ensure that criminals are brought to justice.

Crisis Text Line - This organization offers text support to those who are struggling in a variety of ways.  Crisis Counselors work with individuals through the safe space of texting.

County Mental Health Resources


Local mental health resources can provide you and your family with medical, educational, and social services.  These resources are focused around the core principles of recovery, resilience and self-determination.  


Our local counties provide programs, workshops, and support for any individual or family that is experiencing mental health struggles.  Taking advantage of these offerings can provide aid and relief from issues individuals are experiencing.

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